Month: January 2021

  • B2b Sales Presentation tips over Zoom / Skype/ any Virtual 

    For B2B presentations, normaly there will more than two persons to decide. To prepare the people profile before the meeting. This article is about Sales Presentation tips for b2b marketers. Meetings can be introductory, follow-up, functional presentation, commercial presentation, and many more. A smart salesperson will do more preparatory before any meeting. The maximum preparatory […]

  • Digital Emotional Triggers for eCommerce

    What are Digital Emotional triggers?   Digital Emotional triggers are touchpoints or interface that connects human minds and the brand, leading to a call to action. These digital emotional triggers deliver a quick, block-free, and contextually relevant digital experience that enables your customers to do a call to action towards your brand. These emotional triggers […]

  • Digital psychology and content for digital experience

    First of all, how are we making decisions? Is it rational or emotional? World enounced marketers and psychologists are researched on this topic extensively. The marketing profession has touched upon this subject and the very definition of marketing itself getting into mind space. Getting into the subconscious mind of the people. This article is about […]

  • Gone with 4 seconds. Design-content strategy to sell SaaS application?

    Design and Content strategy are the two critical components for a winning SaaS player. Design to content strategy to the way sell SaaS application. SaaS software needs special attention on the digital psychology of the online visitors. SaaS product owners must understand how design and marketing envelop the entire experience for the visitor. A UNIQUE […]

  • How to acquire distributors?

     Can online or b2b eCommerce can replace distributor and retailer network? Well, it will take some more time, maybe a decade more. The online marketing and digital presence can help you to acquire distributors?   You may have two choices, whether to have a distributor or a sales commission agent?  First, it starts by defining […]

  • How to become the best digital marketer in your team? or Are you a GAP digital marketer?

    Are you a GAP digital marketer? How to become the best digital marketer? How to fill up your GAP to become a top performer?   STEP 1: First of all, think Twice or Thrice? Are you a marketer, before calling yourself a best digital marketer   Don’t say you are a digital marketer? Then you […]

  • Lead generation – b2b email marketing performance

    Sales lead: How to get sales leads for your b2b campaigns? Try out the best way – b2b email marketing performance can help you a lot What are the latest ideas to attract more prospects? There are many ways – but b2b email marketing performance can definitely support you with good leads How to attract […]

  • SaaS sales is becoming more easy these days. Acquire right skills for SaaS Sales.

    The most significant advantage of today’s software products is that it is database agonistic and OS-agnostic, which means that it does not matter what DB or operating system you are running. Just log in and start working. The technology advancement has made SaaS Sales decision making also so easy. Digital marketing and digital sales enablement […]

  • What is Pre Sales? Pre-sales skills

    What is Pre-Sales? What are digital pre-sales skills? One of the fun-doo job or thrilling job in an organization is Pre-Sales. It is popular due to its versatility and the diversity of tasks. A performer will be appreciated as a gem of the organization!. He/she normaly reports to the delivery/product team but support the sales […]

  • Best jobs in digital marketing in future – 2025 on wards – marketing technology skills critical

    Digital markeitng will change in a few years to digital marketing technologies. That is, without technology products, there is nothing more in digital marketing. Best jobs in digital marketing in future depends on how you have acquired skill in technology. Digital Markeitng Technology Skills Digital marketing technology or technologists will be the DNA of any […]