Month: March 2021

  • Sales Competence of the future – Personalization and Individualization

      Though much b2c business has moved into the non-human interface, b2b sales still is a people Business. There is a significant role for Individualization and personalization. In b2b the Sales Competence is to provide personalization and Individualization in the sales process. Today is March 21st, 2021, B2B sales still require human interaction, personal dialogue, […]

  • Virtual Selling – Remote Work and Remote Selling

    What shapes businesses in the future? It is Virtual Selling – Remote Work and Remote Selling Of course, our COVID 19 and their family members are changing our business process. This situation has led to online meetings, remote work, virtual collaborative models, and marketing and sales automation.   Buyer behaviours changed   Photo There is […]

  • Emotional marketing – The most ruthless marketing technique

    Emotional appeal is the most ruthless marketing technique. Storytelling is a technique used in b2b corporate marketing to attract employees, even customers.   In 2002, I came to New York City with just $10 and desperately looking for a job. It was a Friday; I was going from one company to another, desperately looking for […]

  • Number one – sales drivers of 2022 and on-wards

    Who are the sales drivers of the future? Who shapes the sales process of 2022 on-wards. There is no one answer. They are a few drivers of change. A number of drivers of change that will shape the sales drivers of the future from 2022 – It is – Big Data, Smart Data, and intelligent […]

  • sales is about personal wins

    This article is about personal wins and the importance of personal wins over the traditional USP, differentiator, and strategic advantages. It is the personal wins hearts, minds, relationships, and trust. Sale Style – Situation One A sales executive of a big BRAND who has already met once wants to meet a buyer without an appointment. […]

  • What is Social Selling? Don’t be a Social bot!

      Social Selling has changed the traditional mindset of sales. Social Selling has killed the jobs of sales executives, business development executives, and or any sales professionals. IN social Selling, anyone can be a seller, provide if you follow some disciplines. Especially e-commerce and affiliate marketing software have enabled social Selling more result-driven. Now anyone […]

  • Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset of Fresh Graduates & Job Seekers

    2020 was the year of loss, challenges, and change for everyone. We have a choice of how we had to respond. Our brains worked amazingly, and we have solved those challenges, along with loss. When we respond to something new, especially something dangerous, or unknown or intimidating, our brain and state of mind will determine […]

  • Best Sales Techniques

    Hello, Do you want free three months of industrial training! We will train you the Best 10 Sales Techniques Let’s look at the top best 10 Sales Techniques post-COVID impact. This article is about the best Sales Techniques, post-COVID scenario, explicitly focusing on Sales executive selling to companies.  Are sales one of the most challenging […]

  • free sales training program – sales skills for 2022

      This article is about the sales skills and qualities of the best sellers in the world. I am conducting a two-month free sales training program. This free sales training program covers b2b marketing and sales skills and techniques. Assumptions! The new word is uncertain. There are no hard & soft rules. These points are […]