Author: Rajmohan

  • IT services marketing during Pandemic

    What are the areas where IT services company can put effort? ( currently in the pandemic period situation) Big brands will have a sustainable business and deep pockets to do marketing? How about small and mid-sized IT organizations? What are the changes in IT services marketing during the Pandemic? We have enough organizations such as […]

  • Technology Review Platforms for IT products and services

    Technology Review Platforms. These are all online platform of performance ratings and reviews of information technology software and services. Benefits The reviews and feedback are analysed, written and read by IT professionals, technology decision-makers such as CIOs. Their goal is to help IT decsion makers & influencers make more insightful purchasing decisions. This will also […]

  • Influencer Marketing for b2b digital marketing trend

    Influencer Marketing Trends Getting Bigger by the Year and will be prominent for this decade Influencer marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on using key leaders to amplify your brand message to a larger market. Influencers can be well-known celebrities, but more often, they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a considerable […]

  • Conversational Marketing for b2b digital marketing trend

    Conversational Marketing for b2b is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing Trends 2022 and onwards. The reality of modern marketing is–that it is Conversational. People like and want it that way, and so brands are doing so. When consumers have a question, 85% of them like an immediate response. So what can be better than […]

  • Sales and Marketing Career path 

    Sales and Marketing career path. Marketing and sales executives must be able to plan their career path well ahead. Those who are attracted in some false titles, hyped skills and personalised job titles may face sever career loss. We have listed out most of the national and global job riles and skills in our marketing […]

  • Converting free users to paid – Marketo

    Hello, this is article is for beginners in marketing and introducing Marketo for Converting free users to paid  There are many products in marketing automation products landscape.   Marketo automation whose essential features are email marketing, drip nurturing, landing pages, and lead scoring. Typical clients are B2B firms with complex sales cycles. Marketo makes the complex buyer’s journey simple. With Marketo, […]

  • Hubspot for SaaS product marketing

      Hello, Hope well at your end! Hows you business picking up? Here I am writing another article about how your SaaS product can be marketed with results. I recommend for Hubspot for SaaS  product marketing. This RTICLE IS FOR BEGINNERS , who wants to know about Hubspot for SaaS. I have listed many software […]

  • Hubspot currently on the best b2b marketing campaign

    Hey there! I am Raj Mohan, b2b marketing & sales coach. I am writing this article for new comers in b2b business marketing. This article is about Hubspot. I Well, I have covered more applications in marketing automation software Martech page,  recommend Hubspot currently on the best b2b marketing campaign. We do not know the future 🙂 Hubspot is […]

  • Why Marketo another best software for marketing for b2b

    Hello, This is Raj Mohan, Technology marketer.  Why Marketo another Best Software for Marketing for b2b businesses? Lets understand a bit about Marketo! Marketo —A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based marketing automation software owned by Adobe is built to help organisations automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows.  Marketo Tech Software aims to allow B2B and B2C marketers to […]

  • Why Enterprises must Choose Eloqua As Their Marketing Automation Platform? Eloqua marketing automation platform

    Hello, This is Raj Mohan, today I am writing a article for young marketers and this is based on my experience with Eloqua. The tile is  Why Enterprises Must Choose Eloqua As Their Marketing Automation Platform.  Eloqua is the most powerful marketing automation platform in the industry. With enhanced capabilities designated to scale the needs […]