B2B sales training course objectives:

  1. Profile yourself, See the gap. Then Sell better to Sell more.
  2. Effectively master sales techniques in all phases of the Sales process.
  3. Transparent and Precise communication for Sales.
  4. Propose values and negotiate.
  5. Win a deal.

b2b sales skills

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Change yourself from an average sales person to a streetsmart digital sales performer 

I sell to companies or I sell to a MD or CEO or I sell to a purchase officer.

How I can market and sell products/Services digitally? 


With an intent to transform an Average to Best-in-class, this is b2b sales training course will train you with an agile learning process. The course-work not only transform the learner to be employable but also enable the learner to do her / his skills profile to fill the gap with the job profile / Job Description / Market demand.

b2b sales training course – All-rounder course or One man army!

Our fundamental principle is that a salesperson, however effective they may be, can and should always improve. This is an introductory course to become a street ( Digital) -smart executive. The course covers end to end an exhaustive coverage required for a modern salesperson, who is going to work digitally.

Whether you are just starting in selling or a salesperson with many years of experience, the Sales Techniques training course will help you hone your existing skills and gain new ones. Selling is communicating: how to establish a relationship of trust with the customer.


B2B sales training course objectives:



  • Profile yourself, Sell better to Sell more;
  • Effectively master sales techniques in all phases of the sales process
  • Transparent and Precise communication.
  • Propose values and negotiate
  • Win a deal.



Simple Method to achieve objectives.

1 – Learn Job profile

2 – Do self assessment

3 – Identify skill gaps

4 – Learn, Apply and Practice.


Profile and skill-up

Study the characteristics of a successful b2b salesperson. Learn how to do B2B sales job analysis, Job profiling and job skills analysis. Learn the Knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a b2b sales job.


Assess and skill-up

Self-assessment & Self-analysis: What are my strengths in sales techniques. What are the areas of improvement in b2b sales techniques? How can I deliver results?


Visiting Coach

She believes in the power of people – in the magical results, we can achieve for the organization we are associated with. Irrespective of the nature of the business she is in, she has the ability to create values in people that’s going to catapult their organization to achieve its goals.

All-rounder course

  • Introduction to Marketing and Sales Skills
  • Brand Marketing and Sales
  • Introduction Business Ecosystem Mapping Skills
  • Introduction Business Process Mapping
  • Introduction to Go To Market Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Blog
  • Portal & SaaS applications introduction
  • Concept to Build – Portals, eCommerce
  • Tech Product Marketing and Sales Skills
  • Services Marketing skills
  • Sales Strategy Building Skills
  • Definition of Products & Services Value Proposition & Mapping
  • Customer Segmentation Strategic Positioning
  • Market Research Competitive Intelligence
  • Variables for determining the Target Segment
  • Buyer Persona and Psychographics Pricing Skills
  • Decision-Making Process
  • Sales Stage Customer Life Cycle planning
  • Customer Experience
  • Content Marketing Learning
  • Content Strategy and Planning
  • Content Types
  • Content Development
  • Content Writing
  • Content Tools
  • Creation of Content Marketing Assets
  • Collateral Content Planning and Budgeting
  • Intelligence Skills
  • Customer Mapping skills
  • Content skills
  • Marketing Pitch
  • Campaign Planning & Budgeting
  • Sales plan & Budgeting
  • Lead Generation skills
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Digital Sales enablement
  • Key Account Management
  • Affiliate Marketing introduction
  • Influencer Marketing introduction
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Sales Proposals & Negotiating
  • Pricing – SaaS Pricing
  • Marketing Communications SEO
  • CRM and Sales Applications
  • Social Media
  • Account Management
  • Employability Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Adaptability & Agility at Work
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation Setting of KRA, KPI,
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics & Reporting Sales Analytics
  • Effective Communication Team Building
  • Team Work
  • Emotional Intelligence
b2b marketing course

b2b sales training course.

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