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Omnichannel Marketing

  This type of marketing was one of the buzzwords of 2020. While the phrase may now seem worn out, the strategy is still as good and relevant as ever in 2021 and will be in 2022 too. What is Omnichannel Marketing? It is the process of marketing across multiple...

IT services marketing during Pandemic

What are the areas where IT services company can put effort? ( currently in the pandemic period situation) Big brands will have a sustainable business and deep pockets to do marketing? How about small and mid-sized IT organizations? What are the changes in IT services...

Conversational Marketing for b2b digital marketing trend

Conversational Marketing for b2b is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing Trends 2022 and onwards. The reality of modern marketing is--that it is Conversational. People like and want it that way, and so brands are doing so. When consumers have a question, 85% of...

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