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coach Raj Mohan

26 + years experience in business marketing and Sales. Digital sales coach

average to b2b digital! upskill ! cross-skill ! re-skill!

Are you having trouble meeting the marketing and sales goals you set and how to improve your sales performance? 

Then skill up your roots? Skill up with the fundamentals of b2b digital business marketing, or b2b digital marketing, digital salesadvanced strategic marketing, formulations and sales performance.  Register & Book for a personalised digital sales coach training today! 

Are you looking for ways to measure and develop your marketing and sales performance?

Then just skill up; I can transform you to be a best-in-class business marketing performer. 

Whether you are a sales hunter or a farmer styles salesperson, you have travelled the roads, to reach your prospects and customers and try to meet as many as possible in a day! Now it’s no more doable, right?

Well, I did that. I used to meet 2 new (b2b) meetings prenoon and 2 follow-up meetings forenoon, sleep in the trains during the night, and cross cities. Digital sales coach

In today’s scenario, the reality is that

  • b2b decision-makers are more knowledgeable than the Suppliers’ Sales Executive.


  • b2b decision-makers are not taking/accepting cold calls or cold visits from Sales/Business Dev Executives.


  • 80% of the decision-making are taken before contacting the company.

Then, Why making cold calls, and visiting and scouting across the cities? 

Skill up. They will call you!

Think about the time, money spends, and it’s a loss. 

Where the salesperson could be seen as intrusive and disturbing, the buyer is now almost invisible! The buyer will reach you. They will find you if you are right, and authority to solve his problem. Then its time to build a climate of trust and a healthy relationship. Digital sales coach

Understand b2b buyer behaviour, buyer psychology or buyer buyology   

My question to young and dynamic marketing, sales and business development executives

 Where do you want to be in 3 years?

Once you’ve clarified your goals, there’s a good chance there are still too many areas you can excel!

Every weekend you will ask three questions?

  • What did I learn this week?

  • What was my impact?

  • What do I want to learn next week?

With this simple reflection, you make them aspire to ever higher and fulfilling performance standards, which will ultimately be felt on your results. Book for a personalised digital sales coaching today!

Are you ready to transform into a best-in-class performer? Then connect with me right now!


My Formula for TRANSFORMING business executives:

Skills Assessment – Self, Supervisor & Coach

Find the Skill Gap – Accept the Skills Gap

Fill-up – Skillup/Re-Skill the gap

TransformAgile way

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