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Skill up your b2b digital marketing and sales skills 

Have a clear goal | Develop Self-Awareness on your Skills | Practice Empathy in selling

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average to b2b digital marketing ! upskill ! cross-skill ! re-skill!

I sell to companies or I sell to a MD or CEO or I sell to a purchase officer.

How I can market and sell products/Services digitally? How I Skill Up and competent to be b2b marketing expert?

With an intent to transform an Average to Best-in-class, this is b2b marketing course-work will train you with an agile learning process. The course-work not only transform the learner to be employable but also enable the learner to do her / his skills profile to fill the gap with the job profile / Job Description / Market demand.

b2b digital marketing and sales introduction

Are you looking for a b2b marketing course & Digital sales course-work that is easy to understand and which teaches you everything you need to become an expert in the field?

Ok, then you are in the right place because you have found what is right for you: the b2b digital marketing course-work that will transform you from an ‘Average to Best-in-Class’.

b2b digital marketing and Digital sales course-work explained and practiced through a step-by-step modules and classes.

The b2b marketing course-work offers you an agile learning methodology where students take on the role of the client. The course-work covers marketing,  sales and business development explained step-by-step in a clear way and within everyone’s reach. B2B Digital Marketing and Digital sales course-work is run by a team of industry experts and management consultants. We have an online-Based course-work with a duration of Aprox 70 hours + Coaching hours. This course-work cannot be compared with the regular digital marketing course-work that you see every nook and corner.

Here we are providing the skills-building to reach competence for employability. The course-work starts with the fundamentals of marketing to how to strategize a b2b digital marketing campaign for any industry, product, and service. The course-work covers both hard-skills and soft-skills required for a b2b digital marketer & digital sales. Any participant who completes the course-work with a 60% score or above is a competent & industry-ready professional.

b2b digital marketing & digital sales skills

b2b Digital marketing course and sales course-works are always confused with meager SEO and Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and similar social media tools. The fact is that these are basics and some are not much relevant for digital business marketing and sales campaigns.

When we interviewed candidates for our digital marketing assignments, more than 80% of the candidates do not know what exactly they are doing.  Marketing Executives and sales Executives without strong foundations in marketing (the science and arts of marketing) and sales are just postmen / woman or courier executives. They are just doing the delivery.

The “future of work’ is digital. It is not just about engaging the audience. It is about influencing target audiences to sales. Any executive whether in marketing, business development or sales have to embrace digital process. They should know how to apply marketing & sales theories in their business segments


what you will get?

In the new world organizations or job providers are not concerned about the educational qualification of a candidate, but more on the skills he/she acquired and its proficiency and competence.

b2b digital marketing course-work is a skill-building course-work. Here you will acquire knowledge, apply it, and understand the proficiency required for each skill.

During this course-work, you can learn how to create B2B Digital marketing campaigns, support B2B lead generation and nurture campaigns, study about best practices from B2B case studies, and understand the latest in tools and frameworks to apply.

This course-work will provide you with a Certificate of Completion You will acquire employability skills that are the one which helps a person to become employable.


Visiting Coach

She believes in the power of people – in the magical results, we can achieve for the organization we are associated with. Irrespective of the nature of the business she is in, she has the ability to create values in people that’s going to catapult their organization to achieve its goals.

for who?

To those who want to ‘Transform from an average to a best-in-class’


Learn digital marketing and sales from scratch and have a complete skill map on what you should do to improve knowledge on digital business marketing and discover the tricks of the trade. Increase the chances of finding a high paid job in  business marketing sector  launch and promote your own start-up, shop, project, and venture on the internet.


Starting a serious and sustainable online business, avoiding mistakes, and wasting time. This course-work will have a foundation study related to the marketing and sales process, followed by digital business marketing skills.


The course-work is for any working, non-working person or a fresher with common sense and a fire in the belly to become an entrepreneur.


Any person who is fluent in English communication and reading habits, and also ready to quit Facebook chatting at least one month can apply!

b2b marketing course

b2b sales training course.

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