Digital Sales Course offers No charge MSB skills assessment (Marketing, sales and business) for all. This self-assessment can enable you to know your potential skill in sales and b2b digital marketing skills for all industries in minutes. Find out your key strengths and weak area to sharpen your skills. 

Improving your performance can empower you to demand a higher salary package and elevates your career ladder in the long term. Our assessment evaluates functional skills, soft skills, automation skills, software skills, digital sales, b2b digital marketing skills and domain skills.

It is simple at no cost. Suppose you’re looking for support. Please schedule an appointment with our team online now.

Genericmarketing-sales-business development skills

  Behaviourist psychology
☑  Story Telling
☑  Data Analytics
☑  Market Research
☑  Competitive Intelligence
☑  Design and UX
☑  Branding
☑  Positioning
☑  Copywriting
☑  Sketching

☑  Wireframe
☑  A/B Testing
☑  Video creation
☑  Excel
☑  Funnel Marketing
☑  Customer Experience
☑  Community Building
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  E-Commerce Marketing

☑  Social Media Marketing
☑  Email Marketing
☑  Digital Advertising
☑  Web Analytics
  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
☑  Content Marketing
☑  SEO – On-Page Optimization
☑  Negotiation skills
☑  Writing skills
☑  Decision-making skills

Campaign Automation

  Email Campaigns
☑  Inbound Campaigns
☑  Outbound Campaigns
☑  SMS Campaigns
☑  Consequences campaigns

☑  Need Creation Campaign
☑  Appointment Seeking campaigns
☑  Re-engaging campaigns
☑  Tradeshow campaigns
☑  Handoff campaigns

Marketing and sales certifications

Marketing Automation Software

Domain Expertise

B2B Sales

Concept Sales

Channel Sales

Institutional Sales

Industrial Sales

B2B Marketing

Enterprise Sales

Government Sales

B2B Business Development

Industry Vertical Expertise

☑  Marketing, Online Marketing
☑  Aerospace
☑  Airlines
☑  Automotive
☑  Banking
☑  Capital Markets
☑  Data Analytics
☑  Drug Research, Pharmaceuticals
☑  Education Technology (Ed Tech)
☑  Enterprise Applications
☑  Entertainment
☑  Finance & Accounts
☑  Financial Services
☑  Financial Technology (FinTech)
☑  Government Services
☑  Healthcare Services
☑  Utilities
☑  B2B SaaS Marketing

☑  HR Technology (HR Tech)
☑  Information Research, Processing
☑  Insurance
☑  Investment Banking
☑  Legal Technology
☑  Manufacturing
☑  Media
☑  Power Generation and Distribution
☑  Productivity Tools
☑  Retail / E-Commerce
☑  Retail Banking
☑  Sales / CRM
☑  Social Media
☑  Supply Chain Management
☑  Telecom
☑  Travel
☑  Marketing and sales for oil and gas
☑  Travel and Tourism