Marketing career plan example – Skills, Job Description and Tasks
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When looking for a marketing career plan example, always consider the key result areas of marketing. What are the critical responsibilities of a marketing executive? To understand the marketing career plan, one should study the Skills, Job Description and Tasks of an executive and the director level career.

Marketing career plan example – Marketing Executive

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Marketing career plan example – Marketing Director


Marketing career plan example


Let’s look at the foundation level

The term “marketing” means the set of activities undertaken by a company or an organization to attract and acquire customers. Marketing is about identifying, creating and satisfying the needs and desires of people and markets.

If you are working in Marketing, it means studying the needs and preferences of customers. Customer is kept as the central focus or at the pivot; marketing activities focus on the centre.

The marketing specialists then create value around the company, the brand or the product/service.

Defining Strategy:

Define and plan your strategy. Marketers define a strategy to adopt and create a positive relationship between the company and consumer and influence prospects’ behaviour. The goal can be both sales (quantitative) and image or brand reputation (qualitative).

Executing Strategy:

Marketers then move on to the application of the strategy (operational marketing), exploiting the traditional levers of the marketing mix (the famous “4P”: Product, Price, Place, Promotion). “6P”or 6Cs.- Content, Community, Contact, customize, creativity and Convenience or context, conversation

At an operational level, the tasks entrusted to a Marketing Manager are very varied: from market analysis to customer segmentation, from packaging to brand management, from pricing policies to the management of distribution channels and channel management. Further, it covers all activities to promote, advertise, and make the company or a specific product/service known.

Usually, for open positions in the Marketing field, companies look for candidates with a university training course, for example, a degree in Marketing, Business administration or Managerial Economics or Mass Communication, possibly with a specialization in marketing management.





Digital marketing trends

The new trend – Digital Marketing


When you choose various options in marketing and marketing career plan examples, check out the trends. Let’s see together some reasons why a career in Digital Marketing is a trend and can be the right choice for you:

Three reasons why a career in digital marketing could be the right choice:

#1 Its trend seems unstoppable!

Working in the digital world has two synonyms: innovation and the future! They are genuinely “young” professions and are still in excellent transformation today.

Recent research conducted by the World Economic Forum ranks Digital Marketing among the top 5 of the best skills to be acquired by 2025.

To date, the demand for experts in this area is high, and it’s not hard to believe when we consider how recent this new world is.

This is just one of the reasons to invest your training in this segment. Here are three more reasons to choose a career in digital marketing:


#2 A career with a lot of creativity:


Each job under digital marketing is more creative than the other. The world of Digital Marketing is genuinely vast, and it depends on data and creativity.


#3 Specialisation and demand:


It contains many sub-professions, and for each of these today, there is a lot of demand. You can specialise in b2c, b2b.
You can specialise in Industry vertical perspectives such as Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing.
The more one specialises, the more focus and better results at work.

It is, therefore, possible to specialize in the area that most involves us, and we feel we have a strong passion.

Feeling that you have talent is not enough! You need specific training and keep yourself constantly updated.


Here is a list of some roles marketing career plan examples you can play if you choose to make a career in digital marketing:


• Social media specialist
• Brand manager
• Digital communication expert for public or private entities
• Content manager
• SEO specialist
• eCommerce Manager
• Blogger


Find out which profession is in line with your interests and do your best to learn the tricks of the trade!

Marketing career. Different paths to professional marketing success. How to start working in marketing? The career path in marketing is different for each of us. Everyone has to choose their way, but tips from experienced marketers are precious.

Working in marketing – it is worth remembering!

A lot of students and graduates are considering how to start working in internet marketing. Before finding your path, it is worth asking yourself with some questions

Do you have to finish your studies to be successful?
What helps you find a job in marketing?
Is it possible to work in marketing without experience?
Where to get knowledge about marketing?
Is it worth taking up free internships?
Can you become a good specialist by graduating from non-marketing studies? The digital sales course team answers these other questions.

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