Marketing Executive Skills


MARKETING EXECUTIVE Skills & Job description



MARKETING EXECUTIVE Skills & Job description


Marketing executive skills help you to achieve your targets.

The Marketing Executive supports the administrative and logistical needs for implementing integrated marketing communication programs and trade events.

Marketer ensures that all content across platforms is updated, supports partnership marketing by identifying potential partners, and managing partner relationships.

He/She conducts market research, gathers client insights, collects and organizes feedback from product testing for new marketing, product and service ideas.

Must be able to work in a collaborative environment. He/She supports the primary intent of increasing brand awareness and improving products and services.

Executives should be innovative, digital-savvy, analytical, and business acumen to spot opportunities for new ideas and test concepts. He is a team player and can work under pressure within tight deadlines.




Brand Management
Business Environment Analysis
Content Management
Consumer Intelligence Analysis
Customer Behaviour Analysis
Contract Management
Design Concepts Generation
Customer Experience Management
Data Analytics
Concepts Generation
Emerging Technology Synthesis
Integrated Marketing
Market Trend Analysis
Campaign Management
Marketing Communications Plan Development
Marketing Mix Management
Implementation of Marketing Strategy
Media Platforms Management
Media Strategy Development
Market Research
Partnership Management
Pricing Strategy
Project Management
Stakeholder Management
Creative Thinking
Digital Literacy
Service Orientation
Interpersonal skills


MARKETING EXECUTIVE – Critical Work Functions

Formulate data-driven market and client insights


 Key Tasks


Conduct market research on trends, competitor’s product positioning, placement, and pricing strategies

Identify information needs requiring data-mining and analysis to derive market and client insights

Analyze market research findings, sales data, and digital marketing dashboards to derive market insights

Examine data obtained on clients’ buying behaviors, motivation, attitudes, preferences, and needs to derive client insights

Research data from digital marketing dashboards

Develop client insights, and market and competitor analysis reports

Propose new marketing ideas and approaches based on client insights derived from market analysis



MARKETING EXECUTIVE – Critical Work Functions


Marketing Executive – Key Tasks


Participate in the conceptualization and design development of IMC campaigns for the business and/or specific lines of product and service

Recognize target client profile segments, market segments, and potential marketing mix for IMC campaign

Identify possible traditional and digital media channels and platforms for the IMC campaign

Coordinate with design teams to develop IMC campaign concept design elements and materials for traditional and digital media channels

Support the administrative and logistical needs for implementing IMC campaigns and trade events • Consolidate performance data of IMC campaigns

Monitor implementation of IMC campaigns against a planned timeline

Update marketing and communications content on various media and platforms

Identify emerging technologies for potential adoption for IMC campaign and activities



MARKETING EXECUTIVE – Critical Work Functions


Manage partnership marketing


 Key Tasks


Identify sales and profit by market segment

Find potential partners within a target segment to conduct partnership marketing

Determine partner motivations and key drivers for collaboration

Operate client expectations and performance of partners

Resolve conflicts and disputes that arise from partnerships or contracts


Critical Work Functions


Advice on product development and enhancement



Collaborate with technology teams to ideate commercially viable products

Coordinate with the industry partners to conduct testing of new or enhanced products to obtain feedback

Collect and organize feedback from product testing for analysis


Source: Credits to Infocom Media Authority  & My skills future Singapore 




For each skill, the job owner/ the job performer needs to have five significant levels of proficiency

This proficiency rating can be worked by self- (Self Rating) and your supervisor/ your reporting manager. 

Simple words for easy to understand, as an example – I can categorize my marketing skills as Excellent. I am not a topper or outstanding from the below-given rating. 

 – Beginner, Average, Good, Excellent, Outstanding or Topper 

 use – Distinguished, Superior, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice. Further, it can be subdivided into High, Mid, and Low sublevels.

Some use – Numbers with description – 1,2, 3, 4 and 5

Example:  Credits to