marketing snapshots

a skill guide for millennial’s & z’s.

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The content provided is a created as quick reckoner in a short format,  and It is a best-in-class for a fresher in sales, business development and Marketing.


 Process Mapping

 Website development

Blog Development

 Business Portal

Saas Application

Product Marketing

Services Marketing

Proposition & Mapping

Customer segmentation

Strategic positioning

Market research

Competitive Intelligence


Segment variables

Buyer persona


Decision making

Marketing and sales 


Customer experience

Content marketing

Content strategy

Content types

Content development

Content writting

Content tools

B2B content marketing

Marketing assets

 B2B Sales collaterals

Planning and budgeting

Marketing pitch

Proposal preparation

Campaign planning

Sales plan & budgeting

Lead generation

Customer relationship

Digital sales

Sales analytics

Account management

Affiliate marketing

Influencer marketing




Social media

Project management

Adaptability & Agility

Job skill mapping

Data analytics

Setting of KRA , KPI

Marketing analytics

Analytics  & reporting

Employability skills