IT services marketing during Pandemic
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What are the areas where IT services company can put effort? ( currently in the pandemic period situation) Big brands will have a sustainable business and deep pockets to do marketing? How about small and mid-sized IT organizations? What are the changes in IT services marketing during the Pandemic?

We have enough organizations such as NASSCOM, CII, Chamber of Commerce, and other industry associations advising small and medium service providers. Please visit their website and community to get information

Right now – Do one change or shift from Traditional marketing and sales to Digital marketing and Digital sales!

Yes, every person is talking about it. Digital marketing is so easy to jump in. If you have a smartphone and connected to social media, you can be a digital marketer!

IT services marketing Budget:

The marketing budget for IT services fluctuates a figure between 15 and 18%. It depends on the industry to industry, company to company and structure & culture of the organisation.

IT services marketing                                                                              

A deeper analysis reveals that marketing spending is higher at companies that give marketing responsibility for sales (17.7 per cent of overall budgets) than at firms where sales are responsible for marketing (10.1 per cent of budgets).

IT services marketing is more strategic than the rest – at least a little more!

Make your sales process strategic – with Account-based marketing applications

Plan on ‘one to a few’ model account tracking campaigns. Focus on opportunities and solutions that you can propose to different targeted audiences.

I am copying here with some names: Demandbase, 6Sense, InsideView, AdDaptive Intelligence, Act-On Software, Celsius GKK International, Albacross, Engagio, Drift, Uberflip, Triblio, Terminus, Radius Intelligence, Marketo, MRP, Lattice Engines, Madison Logic, Kwanzoo, and Iterable.

Brand and  Reputation building

Do some perception building. Online reputation. Success projects reviews in 3rd party sites. You should identify critical gaps in your brand promotion. Focus on promotions that decision-makers are visiting rather than have 1000s of backlinks that are not connected to your industry. Clean -up SEO!

Make it clear on Buyer Personas 

  • Spend some quality time to re-visit your buyer persona
  • Behavioural data-based persona. Dynamic customer segmentation & persona definition
  • Make the buyer persona more precise
  • Build customer insights.


Lessons learned – Spread project experiences   

  • Collect the correct and actual data around past projects. Learn the right classes and create stories around it.
  • Align the organization around customer success.
  • Share failure stories as well. Those are also lessons learned.

Thought Leadership

  • Plan and build leadership themes and content to connect with other CXO audience
  • Plan and add business values, industry values, trends & insights  through webinars, and online meeting forums
  • Differentiate your organization and it is critical for IT services marketing

Do some low-cost PPC

  • Make Use of Detailed Demographics in Google Ads & Youtube ads
  • Focus on search intent keywordsApply Keywords that are Broad When Targeting By Audience –


How to Dominate Search Intent SEO by Focusing on Keyword Intent?

If SEO is the practice of getting your website higher in search results, search intent SEO is the practice of optimizing your content to match the most common commercial intents associated with your target keywords. Credits to Blue Corona

Work on search intent and commercial intent keyword. Align content marketing strategy with buyer intent and search intent keyword practices. This practice also ends with conversational marketing. 

Additionally, start doing SEO campaigns in Bing. Bing is slowly coming up 🙂 Connect with me for digital marketing for IT Services.

To know more about IT services marketing during Pandemic, please connect with me today! Raj Mohan


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