What is a Sales enablement strategy for an organisation?
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What is a sales enablement strategy?  It is about how to transform sales engagement and enablement to achieve profitable deals!

There are different ways of explaining what sales enablement is. Sales enablement is the process of providing sales team members with enough tools, resources, and winning game plans.

Gartner recommends that sales leaders prioritize taking actions in the following areas:

  1. Sales enablement technology investment
  2. Onboard design and deployment
  3. Virtual selling skills development
  4. Seller communications
  5. Sales events and online activities 


Sales Enablement strategy


Gartner defines sales Sales enablement strategy  as “activities, systems, processes and information that support and promote knowledge-based sales interactions with customers and prospects.”


Sales Enablement ensures sales staff align with the Inbound Sales tool and techniques to achieve the final goal of winning deals.

Sales enablement means providing the right content, at the right time, in the right place for sales team members and customers.

Sales enablement creates unique buyer experiences with well-trained sales executives.

A Sales enablement consultant’s work in sales enablement is to ensure inter-functional collaboration using sales performance management technologies and win deals with efficient workflows.

Sales enablement Strategy means: It applies strategic planning and implemenetation of resources – content, tools and align them to markeitng and sales team to do their job in the best possible way.



To give you the significance of sales enablement today, we have a look at some figures that reflect its relevance:

  1. Sales and Marketing teams waste 50% of their budget on attracting leads
  2. 66% of marketers cannot find relevant content to send to their sales team.
  3. 44% of salespeople give up after they don’t get feedback from their leads.

How do we get started?


  1. Providing content and tools for continued engaging conversation with prospective customers
    Design, Development and Distribution of relevant content
    Ensure sales team has effective Multimedia product presentations and visual walkthrough
    Training to win deals and collaboration between marketing, pre-sales and sales. Training each member of the sales organisation with content and value proposition.


How do you start sales enablement services?


1. Understanding customer expectations

How is your current customer experience – both online and offline?
Analysing the customers and position your sales content and offerings
Understand the customer behaviour and positioning value proposition


2. Analysis of marketing and sales processes


Find out the Work profile and job profile of sales staff?
Find out the skills related to winning deals
Find out the marketing team itself as a sales facilitator?
Find out sales department live and embody the brand?
Do all the teams make the necessary changes independently to reach goals?


3. Strategy for market success


Is your strategy clear, target-oriented and reflected in performance? Are you suited to online sales or mix?
Is your customer journey automated?
Is customer orientation practised, is all information along the customer journey also available digitally?


4. Digitization of processes and tools


Do you have a content management system?
Do you have a content development system and publishing system?
Do you have effective processes automated with modern tools?
Do you use marketing and sales intelligence in addition to CRM?
Do your sales staff’s plan, measure and control in real-time?
Is the customer orientation lived, are all the information along with the customer journey and available digitally?


5. Marketing and sales skills


Are your marketing and sales qualified and have methodological marketing process knowledge?
Do your sales managers see themselves as trainers and train their teams to deal with clients professionally?
Are the changes in the trending skills being implemented from within the team?


6. Software selection for sales enablement

Are you already using MarTech and Sales productivity tools?
What are the tools for sales enablement automation and CRM software suitable for your organisation?

Sales enablement ensures understanding the needs of the sales executives. It will further elaborate and prioritize, selecting vendors, selecting software, and adapting it.

How to Create Engaging Sales Enablement Content for Your Sales Team


1. Sales qualification.


Sales qualification is not a new topic to anyone. However, it is about a sales qualification process that can be effective with a customer centre is -content-driven process.

Sales enablement provides sales teams with the right content, digital tools, and customer-centric processes that smoothly ensure the sales qualification. Adaptation consists of using digital tools to automate steps that save valuable time and resources.

2. Identify the sales intelligence within the organisation.


We have often seen salespeople with years of experience, people who have been in the department or company for a long time, who know all the techniques, convincing and negotiation speeches, and not utilising their intelligence correctly. HubSpot defines sales enablement as the technology, processes and content that allow the sales team to sell more efficiently and at a higher speed. However, there is no unified version of the term, and each Inbound Marketing expert has a different definition. According to the Impactbnd site.


3. Content Audit

At this stage, the Marketing team must review all the content generated for new and future leads. In this section, there may be blogs, video content, ebooks, testimonials, etc.

It is essential to analyze them and verify that they are aligned with the Sales and Marketing team.

The sales team can have precious information to adapt the content in the best possible way. As we mentioned before, you must do a very detailed analysis.


4. Sales and Marketing team in one place

  • Aligning these two teams concerning the content flow
  • Private single content repository and keep refreshing it
  • Content-based on sales stages and sales cycle
  • Audit the content on a specific frequency

5. Establish and communicate the goal of your sales enablement

  • Collect and aggregate the expectations of the sales and marketing team meetings.
    Outline your plan to follow.
    It is essential that you establish your success measurement points and that the different areas of your company know where your plan is pointing.

6. Training your sales team

In case you want to implement a sales enablement plan, training is essential. Some companies do it once a year and others two; it depends on how trained or informed your sales teams are. All of these steps will help your sales team work much more efficiently.

7. Process automation:

Along the same lines, HubSpot recommends that the sales team know very well which are the qualified leads to have meetings with them. Multiple tools help automate this type of process.

The way the market works is constantly changing. The most successful companies in the world have a sales enablement plan in place. Companies that invest in this system are much more competitive than those that do not.

Another critical factor is that the sales team is closely aligned with the marketing team so that in this way, the content you offer to your leads is the most appropriate.

Key Skills

Sales enablement team members must have the following skills partially or focus areas

Understand client business priorities
Design Thinking
Content planning
High impacting proposals, bids and tenders
Highest visual impact graphics
Value proposition images
Value proposition videos
Collaborating and creating a winning proposal
Motion graphic content
Visual walkthroughs
Visual demos
Script and storyboards
SAles training aids
sales training content
Cadence decks, Cheatsheets and Elevator pitch
Content development tools
MS office tools
CRM Applications

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