Sales Enablement

for your buyers journey

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What is Sales Enablement?
There are different ways of explaining what sales enablement is. Sales enablement is the process of providing sales team members with enough tools, resources, and winning game plans.

Sales Enablement ensures sales staff align with the Inbound Sales tool and techniques to achieve the final goal of winning deals.

Sales enablement means providing the right content, at the right time, in the right place for sales team members and customers.

Sales enablement creates unique buyer experiences with well-trained sales executives.

A consultant’s work in sales enablement is to ensure inter-functional collaboration using sales performance management technologies and win deals with efficient workflows.

Sales enablement: GARTNER: It applies strategies and processes that allow your sales team to do their job in the best possible way.

In today’s scenario, the reality is that …




  • Sales and Marketing teams waste 50% of their budget on attracting leads
  • 66% of marketers cannot find relevant content to send to their sales tea


  • 80% of the decision-making are taken before contacting the company and 3 out 4 potential customers quit before contacting your sales.

How do we start enabling sales for winning deals?


Think about the time, money spends, and it’s a loss. 
Providing content and tools for continued engaging conversation with prospective customers

Design, Development and Distribution of relevant content

Ensure sales team has effective multimedia product presentations and visual walkthrough

Training to win deals and collaboration between marketing, pre-sales and sales.

Training each member of the sales organisation with content and value proposition.


What are the steps b2b sales enablement services?

1. Understanding customer expectations – Understand b2b buyer behaviour, buyer psychology or buyer buyology  prepare content to enable sales 

2. Analysis and Audit of marketing and sales processes – Go through job profile, skills profile, skills gap and matching with the required process to win deals

3. Strategy for market success – Is your strategy clear, target-oriented and reflected in performance?

4. Digitization of processes and tools – Do you have a content development system and publishing systems for digital sales enablement? Is it synced along with the customer journey and available digitally?

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