Sales Executive Skills

Sales Executive Skills, Job Description, and Tasks. The skills are the most important factors that builds competence for any person. Marketing skills and Sales Skills are explained previously.  Both soft skills and hard skills are critical for performance.

Let’s look at the Sales Executive skills and the tasks expected.

The Sales Executive identifies and qualifies prospective clients, seeks opportunities for new sales through client and market research.

He/She keeps clients informed of new products/service offerings and assists with translating client and channel partner needs into actionable insights.

Sales executive provides operational support to the sales teams, including the development of channel sales product promotions and co-marketing activities.

executive responds to technical and procedural questions, coordinates the formulation of price quotations, submits the sales contract for orders, and maintains customer records.

supports the training and guides channel sales partners about the product or service offerings and features based on mutual performance objectives.

works in a fast-paced and dynamic environment and travels to clients’ premises for meetings as and when required. He is familiar with client relationship management and sales tools.

Become knowledgeable of the organization’s products and services and trends, developments, and challenges of the industry domain.

The Sales Executive is self-motivated and mindful of placing the client’s interests at the forefront of his/her priorities.

The person confidently explains how the product can add value to the customer and is proactive in identifying and addressing client needs. He/She is a team player who can take rejection as a personal challenge to succeed when given the next opportunity.


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Sales Executive Skills, Job Description and Tasks


Technical Skills


  • Account Management
    Business Development
    Analysis business Needs
    Skills of business Negotiation
    Contract Management
    Customer Experience Management
    Data Analytics
    Market Research
    Partnership Management
    Sales Channel Management
    Stakeholder Management
    Technical Sales Support


Sales Executive Skills, Job Description and Tasks


Develop new business opportunities



Identify prospective clients and channel partners through calls, on-site visits, emails, and networking or industry events.

Conduct client and channel partner research to uncover insights on potential business needs

Plan market research and profiling, competitive landscape analysis, and client profiling

Get benefited from identifying new business opportunities with existing clients based on research

Participate in industry and networking events


Identify new sales opportunities.



Assist with identifying new sales opportunities with new and existing clients based on research

Source for new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up, the conduct of cold calls, and relevant outreach activities

Conduct analysis of benefits and value of the organization’s products and services against possible needs of potential clients to qualify the prospect

Respond to phone and email queries on product and service offerings


Convert sales opportunities to client accounts



Provide operational support to sales and business development teams

Maintain client database and documentation

Helped in compiling market information for feasibility studies

Get assist with the preparation of client presentation materials and conduct of product demonstration

Perform follow-up action to close sales, and monitor payment fulfillment activities


Manage relationship with clients and channel partners



Develop relationships with existing and potential clients and channel partners through regular engagements

Translate client and channel partner needs into actionable insights to inform engagement plans and activities

Communicate updates and launch of new product/service features and benefits to clients and channel partners

Coordinate resolution of inquiries and problems from clients and channel partners

Assists with channel partner research and recruitment

Implement mechanisms to evaluate and categorise channel partners

Monitor compliance with established sales processes


Manage channel sales operations



Support the development of channel sales product promotions and co-marketing activities for lead generation • Resolve channel sales issues and routine product and service-related problems with channel partners.

Provide logistical sales support required to close orders

Track channel partner sales performance

Prepare training materials for channel partners.

Assist in the conduct of training and certification for channel partners

On-board channel partners based on guidelines

helped in assessing, clarifying, and validating channel partner needs


Sales Executive Skills Proficiency.


For each skill, the job owner/ the job performer needs to have five significant levels of proficiency: 


This proficiency rating can be worked by self- (Self Rating) and your supervisor/ your reporting manager. 

Simple words for easy to understand, as an example – I can categorize my marketing skills as Excellent. I am not a topper or outstanding from the below-given rating. 

 – Beginner, Average, Good, Excellent, Outstanding, or Topper 

Know some use – Distinguished, Superior, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice. Further, it can be subdivided into High, Mid, and Low sublevels.

Some use – Numbers with description – 1,2, 3, 4 and 5

Example:  Credits to