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  • Agility for 2021 and on wards – Be Agile for the new unexpected world ahead

    To start with Knowing how to accept changes, adapt to any situation, and be “adaptable”, how can you develop your Agility and adaptability daily?   Agility, an essential skill “No problem can be solved without changing the level of consciousness that created it. Einstein.   In our complex world, we need resilience and agility to […]

  • What is Agile Marketing?

    Introduction First and foremost, change is constant, and we all agree that. Customer requirements keep changing. Then why can’t we serve customer’s changes continuously? The customer’s business process keeps changing. So much so that we have to accept it and move on. Agile Marketing can bring Agility and Adaptability to the new world of digital […]

  • Agile Methodologies and Agile Marketing for anyone, anytime, anywhere

    Agile marketing is a tactical approach that favours interactions and people over tools and processes, customer collaborations over contract negotiations, and quick responses to a well-defined plan. In a more straightforward sense, it means creating flexible, fast, and engaging marketing strategies. Agile marketing isn’t an easy task because it requires quick thinking on the part […]