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  • Is lack of right marketing skills is reducing the MSME’s growth potentials?

    To begin with It is a fact that SME / MSMEs are not able to climb the next stage of business growth. There are many reasons for this. If we look at the business growth side, it is about access to finance, infrastructure, and competition. Further, the challenges largely depend on the structuring of the […]

  • Challenges of MSME in 2020

    Current scenario of MSME’s and SME’s and future of B2B digital business marketing | Digital sales in India and it’s bright future on a global scale. Giving a new hope and reach across various Industries.

  • New normal – B2B Digital sales and marketing

    Marketing is telling the world that you’re a star. Yes! with the right skills, anyone can succeed in this new normal life. And the same scenario is providing us with the right scope in the digital world. All of India’s Micro, small & medium enterprises have seen a massive set back at the end of […]

  • Introduction to B2B Digital Marketing

    Introduction Business-to-business (B2B) companies are now getting great results using digital marketing tactics like social media, SEO, email marketing linked to a CRM marketing automation system or even a simple email auto-response system. All things considered, the process is more of inbound. The fact is b2b digital marketing is very different from b2c. Thus the […]

  • Introduction to B2B Brand Marketing

    Your strategies, processes, intelligence, technologies used in business marketing, as well as your skills must all work together to provide more meaningful experiences to your b2b prospects and customers. Then this capability is called – B2B Brand Marketing. Then you will build b2b brands! Marketers need these skills specific to b2b products & services. A […]

  • Strategic Positioning

    Introduction The word meaning strategy originated from East Asia that was used for winning the wars. As an illustration so much so that It was expressed extensively in the books such as “The Art of War”. Eventually, It’s about winning a war. For one thing, in Business, Strategic Positioning is about winning your competition. Now […]

  • Customer Lifecycle Stages | B2B Customer Lifecycle Marketing

    Introduction According to researchers, it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it costs to retain the existing one. Marketers must apply these Customer Life cycle stages,  process, applications, and it’s measurement.  Most of the customer Lifecycle stages and Customer lifetime value are interrelated. Together with, the B2B Customer Lifecycle stages Marketing […]

  • Why B2B digital marketing campaign fails?

    Business Development skills are required for b2b business development

  • Employability and digital marketing skills

    nTo give a clear picture of today’s student’s employability and digital marketing skills. I want to share a few words that happened recently. I was interviewing a candidate for a digital marketing position for one of my clients. He is holding five years of experience in digital marketing. However, my client is expecting me for […]