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  • Know your marketing skills, sales skills and how to match with job roles.

    The interview I interviewed a candidate for a marketing executive post, who did PG, with one year of experience in sales of a leading bank as a contract employee. He does not have any idea about the marketing skills required for the job he applied for. My question was ‘ What is your life goal.” […]

  • How to be Best-in-Class b2b digital marketing?

    First – Self-analysis on Best-in-class B2B digital marketing Pro   Are you looking for best-in-class B2B marketer? And Who is a best-in-class marketer?   First, Employers or Customers want tangible results. Some may call it tangible results; some call it business performance, business outcome, business results and business impacts. Simple. They are looking for REVENUE, more […]

  • Employability and digital marketing skills

    nTo give a clear picture of today’s student’s employability and digital marketing skills. I want to share a few words that happened recently. I was interviewing a candidate for a digital marketing position for one of my clients. He is holding five years of experience in digital marketing. However, my client is expecting me for […]