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  • Digital Emotional Triggers for eCommerce

    What are Digital Emotional triggers?   Digital Emotional triggers are touchpoints or interface that connects human minds and the brand, leading to a call to action. These digital emotional triggers deliver a quick, block-free, and contextually relevant digital experience that enables your customers to do a call to action towards your brand. These emotional triggers […]

  • Digital psychology and content for digital experience

    First of all, how are we making decisions? Is it rational or emotional? World enounced marketers and psychologists are researched on this topic extensively. The marketing profession has touched upon this subject and the very definition of marketing itself getting into mind space. Getting into the subconscious mind of the people. This article is about […]

  • Digital Psychology for b2b digital buying behavior

    Introduction Do you know that 95 percent of our purchase decision¬†making takes place in the¬†subconscious mind? Digital psychology is the science about how to How to Increase Conversion through Subconscious Marketing. Is digital psychology is for creating digital designs? No. It is about the psyche behind end to end customer buying cycle. It is about […]